Dat Debil "Bob"... Him de one make us do dis stuff !  &  
"Poulton-Le-Fyldes premier punk band"
Dat Debil "Bob"... Him de one make us do dis stuff !

Gurgle, Gurgle, Punk Never Ends - even when wet !!!

Gizza light, it's 1978 and "Carpet"'s run out of matches !

Gurgle, Gurgle, Punk Never Ends - even when wet !!!

Debut CD coming soon !

Formed in 1978 the band immediately decided to adopt an extreme punk philosophy and absolutely refused to sell out by doing anything as mundane as buying instruments, writing songs or playing gigs. However, 23 years later, they felt the time had finally come to put noise to tape and, fuelled only by the excellent Becks beer in the Old Town Hall (Poulton-Le-Fyldes premier public house) they finally decided to give a sound to the legend and to appease the almost constant clamouring of their legion of fans ("Tractor" Barry age 7, and Doreen Bonkers age 73) by finally recording their debut CD....

So Poulton-Le-Fyldes premier punk band are now in pre production (i.e. spending a lot of time talking about it in the pub)........ expected launch date is "just in time for breakfast" so get your penny jars filling now !

Hmmm... after several complaints that "we couldn't find the page..." we decided that, to make things easier for the oafs out there who simply can't spell "www.walterandtheknobheads.co.uk" we'd also register a short version of the name. So you can now also use "www.watk.co.uk" to visit this pile of steaming dung (where oh where did you lot go to skool ??? :)

But we realise how impatient our fans can get so, if you simply can't wait for us to finish the CD, then you're in "luck" as we've kindly made available sneak previews of demo versions of several tracks in MP3 format. But to make you work for your excitement we've made these available via a "secret" link held somewhere on this page. Have you found it yet ? (top tip: Give Col a light ! )

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So if you'd like to spoil a perfectly good day by listening to one of our delightful tunes then this is the place to be. If you're a young lady who "likes it in leather" then you're probably a Crew Slut (drop us an email and we just might take you out to lunch)

Or perhaps you're the kind of bloke who wants to play something romantic to his special lady ? Try a quick blast of I Just Wanna Use You Baby and watch her little heart melt !

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Stop Press !

Well would you look at this ! Thanks to the wonder of the internet the Knobheads will soon become the first Poulton-Le-Fylde Punk Band on mars ! And if you want to add your name to the list then simply go to the NASA site and participate.

We might be Knobheads but we're fully in support of science such as exploring space, exploring the ocean depths, exploring the wide variety of magnificent German lagers (as long as they're brewed to the reinheitsgebot that is - ed.) or exploring within young ladies foundation garments etc. etc.

Now if only we could get a WATK sticker on the actual rover itself... Hmmm...

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If you want to know when new stuff gets added to the page or when we actually finish off the CD then you can email using the main Temple of Dins contact page. Sadly we have to do things this way as having our email address on the site is just asking for it to be harvested by spam robots.

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Yowsa !  The "infamous" badge design of champions !!!

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